While Cabonnay is labeled and recognized as an urban restaurant, wine house, art gallery with a rooftop,  at-heart it is designed as a place where talented hospitality professionals, chefs, artists, guest service staff can play with ideas. The Cabonnay Building is simply a platform for talented individuals to explore passions and conceptualize thoughts and bring ideas to life - food, drinks, music, art, guest services - Cabonnay was built around the idea that we are a structure to allow voices to be heard. It's a place that allows for expression and exploration. We invite you to come and explore with us and open your minds and your hearts with us. We love hosting our guests.

Cabonnay is designed as a place where guests can relax and engage. We hope you do! We all are faced with many distractions in life, confronted with stress, and chaotic moments - we hope Cabonnay is a place where you can find yourself despite the chaos around you - your Oasis. A place for you to connect with people and build memories. We work hard at that - sometimes we score a perfect 10, other times we fall short, but the heart and passion of our team is consistent. Our employment culture is one of care - Please do inform a guest services team member of any comments positively or negatively.


  1. We are Credit-Card only facility. No Cash accepted and No Tipping

  2. Yes - No Tipping! We pay real wages to all employees. A 12% Guest surcharge is added to all checks. NO TIPPING is required or expected. We believe this structure is not only more cost effective for the consumer, but also recognizes the accomplishments of our chefs.

  3. Cabonnay Chefs work with farmers throughout the region - all foods are custom and made from-scratch. We get fresh food delivered daily and we do not have long term food storage. No foods or dishes are mass-produced or distributed to Cabonnay for assembly. We slice, dice, chop, stir, bake, cook, mix, you name it… While it is rare, we may occasionally run out of certain options based on demand and supply.

  4. We offer kitchen tours, available nightly at Cabonnay, upon request with Chef’s permission - we'd love to show you how we think and work - please do ask a host or manager if you are interested.

  5. Please note, when looking at a menu, not all ingredients are listed in the menus at Cabonnay - please ask a guest services team member for details on meals when you visit.

  6. As we are a Chef's food showcase restaurant, we politely decline any extreme food modifications, but gladly accommodate any dietary restrictions. Custom food takes time to prepare – please allow extra time for certain dishes and advise a team member if you are rushed we will do our best. 

  7. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, and eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.

  8. Please alert a guest services team member of any allergies.

  9. We do our best to control pricing at fair levels, but cannot sell freshly sources shrimp, fish, meats, vegetables, at frozen-goods bulk-prices. We welcome you to tour our kitchen and see what we are up to.

Thank you so much for considering dining and relaxing at Cabonnay! We look forward to your visit!





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