Born:  March 2008

Adopted:  October 2008

About Rocco:

Rocco was our first dog. We saw this handsome heartbreaker, this mocha –colored, white-footed, bedroom-eyed athlete, at an all-breed adoption event: It was truly love at first sight! Initially we thought that he wasn’t available since the handler simply wouldn’t stop cuddling with him. We kept walking around the adoption forum, looking at other amazing dogs, but Rocco kept pulling at our heartstrings and we had to say hi and ask about him – Much to our relief we found out that this shy baby boy was available. We found out Rocco was given up by his original owners as an incorrect fit. Much of his background is unknown, but since he was only 7 months old at the time of adoption, we thought nothing of it. Early on we learned that Rocco cowers at abrupt hand motions which makes us wonder about his early experiences. Today, Rocco is a beef gourmet, playful sighthound that has never caught a squirrel but loves chasing them up trees. He is aloof with new visitors but a true a family dog. He loves everyone once he knows them. He plays hard to get and coy - a true romancer.   #RoccotheRomancer


Snuggling with their owner
Snuggling together
Dining and treats
Obsessed with fleece or faux fur blankets – any warming surface
Rocco’s favorite place is in front of the fireplace
Reese’s favorite place is on your lap
Peanut Butter and Bacon Rocco and Reese Gourmet Pet Treats