Born: 2003

Adopted:  October 2010

About Reese: 

2 Years after having Rocco, our darling Reese came along as our second sweetheart. We found Reese looking at online ads for dogs, and frankly, we just couldn’t believe the advertisement: It said that Reese was about 4 years old, loving and sweet, but has been in 5 different homes in 4 years! How can a loving, sweet dog, change owners so often? What are they not telling us? We later verified Reese was more like 7 years old when we adopted her.  While we always thought a playmate for Rocco would be good, we just never thought this black and white Cougar would intrigue Rocco so much. An hour after vigorous play, he was seduced into a cuddling nap with the two of them spooning on a oversized plush pillow, and the rest is history.  This symbiotic pair is inseparable. Reese was emaciated when we got her, but she now maintains a healthy figure enjoying many small meals. She’s first to greet you at the door, first to wake up in the morning, she knows no enemies and has no fear, and she keeps Rocco on his toes with a quick playful dance. Reese seems to know how good life is and loves to reinforce it with constant cuddling. She is a true survivor and strong. She has a feminine gaze that melts even the coldest heart – a true darling.  #ReesetheDarling


Snuggling with their owner
Snuggling together
Dining and treats
Obsessed with fleece or faux fur blankets – any warming surface
Rocco’s favorite place is in front of the fireplace
Reese’s favorite place is on your lap
Peanut Butter and Bacon Rocco and Reese Gourmet Pet Treats