The Boxed Wine Revolution

As boxed wine grows in popularity across the United States, have you found yourself curious, fascinated, and wondering whether you too should partake on this rising wine trend?  Wine drinkers are somewhat hesitant to forego the past reputation of boxed wine and indulge in this wine revolution.  The boxed wine carries a stigma of being cheap and class-less reserved for binge drinkers and winos.  However, times are changing and wine makers are becoming more economically driven and consumers are demanding options beyond the bottle.  

When thinking about diving into the boxed wine arena there are some very obvious and pleasurable benefits to buying a box of wine.  An average box of wine is 3L which is equivalent to four bottles of wine.  The pure convenience of carrying a lightweight box as opposed to 4 bottles is reason enough to give a box of wine a chance.   If you are still on the fence here are some more pro-box bullets:

  • A box of wine has less carbon foot print than a bottle of wine and is recyclable
  • The average shelf life on opened box of wine is 4-6 weeks as opposed to 2-3 days for a bottle
  • Easily transportable for summer picnics, outings, or to bring to a friend’s house
  • Affordable; more wine for your dollar
  • A great substitute for days in between higher-end wine
  • Lightweight 
  • No Corking or re-corking.  You are guaranteed a fresh glass of wine every time. 

There is always a flip-side to every seemingly flawless invention.  There are still many nay-sayers out there who will condemn boxed wine for being cheap and ruining the integrity of wine drinking.  The truth is, the boxed wine industry has changed drastically since Frenzia dominated boxed wine sales.  With more quality wine being boxed the choices are exploding with casually appealing wine choices.  Will box wine ever replace a fine wine?  Very doubtful, but it is a great option for a casual wine night.   

Here are our top 5 picks for your exploration into the world of boxed wines.  

Courtesy of 

Courtesy of 

1. Black Box - Pinot Noir

2. FishEye - Pinot Grigio

3. Bota Box - Malbec

4. Target Wine Cube - Sauvignon Blanc

5. Black Box - Merlot

Rules of Engagement:  When indulging in boxed wine be careful not to over do it.  The box wine concept serves as an almost endless supply of wine, making it easy to over-pour.   The hidden vacuum sealed bag conceals exactly how much wine you have enjoyed.   A positive or negative?  You be the judge!  

Sit back, pour, sip, enjoy!  Not every glass of wine needs to be Vintage.