To Stem or Not To Stem? The Pros and Cons of Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless Glassware

Stemless wine glasses have been on the market for quite some time now and since their introduction one has been asking which is better? What are the pros and cons to choosing a stemless wine glass vs the traditional glass?  Every choice always comes down to personal preference but in this blog I will identify a few things to consider when searching for your next set of wine glasses. 

The Pros:

There is one obvious benefit to owning a set of stemless wine glasses and that is they are nearly spill proof.  We have all been a little tipsy after enjoying a bottle of our favorite wine and those stems get a little complicated by the end of the night!  The stemless glass makes it easier to set down.

If you believe everything is meant to end up in the dishwasher at some point (like me!) then a stemless wine glass might be the right choice for your home.  They are less prone to damage and breakage.  You can also easily fit the stemless wine glass on the top rack.  

The stemless wine glass can also double as a tumbler and can serve a wide variety of fancy cocktails.  Try these glasses with mixed drinks, fruit juices or teas.  The versatility of the stemless glass doesn't stop there; they can double as a centerpiece with votive candles, flowers, or stones.  

The Cons:

Many wine enthusiasts will argue that the stemless wine glass will ruin the integrity of the wine.   By losing the stem you are forced to hold the glass by the bowl; which may alter the temperature of your wine.   This may seem unreasonable but couple in hot weather and your chilled white wine may turn into a hot beverage! 

There is something elegant about a wine glass.  The shape, the size, the stem,  many people prefer the traditional look of the wine glass, plain and simple.   Each glass is design to compliment the wine.  The larger bowl used for red wines is created to allow the wine to breath and reach its full potential.  There is no differentiating between red and white wine with stemless wine glasses. 

The biggest reason people don't choose stemless wine glasses is due to the ability to swirl and sip.  You cannot swirl a stemless wine glass, or should I say you cannot swirl a stemless wine glass   with ease and class.  ANYTHING is possible.  Lastly, but not least let's not forget to mention fingerprints.  Without the stems your glasses will look pretty filthy by the end of the night.  

My advice?  Have a set of both!  You can never be too prepared when it comes to enjoying wine.