Celebrate Spring With These Wine Selections

With a twinkle of spring in the air we can’t help but think of the warmer days ahead. We slowly start shedding our winter wardrobes and begin planning our spring/summer attire.  We start making different chooses as to our menus.  Spring time hints of citrus and fresh vegetables and fruits replace the hearty soul warming meals of winter.  As our palettes change for the season so does our appetite for wine.  As we experience different flavors of the spring our bodies crave to be outside and experience everything nature has to offer, including food and wine!

So let spring commerce and enjoy this list of the best wines to bring in spring!

1.  Sauvignon Blanc is an obvious choice for spring time warmer weather.  This crisp and refreshing beverage is perfect for an afternoon wine picnic or for lounging out on the patio.   This wine pairs wonderful with grilled fish and deep green leafy veggies fresh from your garden or the local farmer’s market.   Try Robert Mondavi 2007 Fumé Blanc California for a great tasting wine that won’t break the bank!

2.  Riesling is the essence of spring time drinking!  The crisp sweet alluring flavor of  this wine screams for warm weather and relaxation.  The undertones of fruit give Riesling a spring time freshness perfect for indulging your sweet tooth on that warm spring day.  Try pairing this dessert-like beverage with a fresh salad, grilled chicken, or fish.  Try 2011 Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling. 

3.  Rosé or commonly known as pink wine is a wonderful option for spring time.  Stick to a lighter Rosé to avoid overwhelming your palette during a meal of lighter fair.  A bolder Rosé can too closely resemble a bold flavored red wine.  When shopping for the perfect Rosé look for a wine made in France, Italy, or Spain.  This area reigns supreme in the production of Rosé.  

4.   Bring in spring with a glass of Prosecco.  This bubbly sparkling wine hails from Italy and offers the consumer with hints of fresh cut green apples, raspberry, peach, and honey.  These flavors are the essence of spring time and are a celebration of spring for your tastebuds!  Opt for a dry Prosecco to avoid an over-kill of sweetness.   For some added flair splash a few pieces of fruit into your flute, sit back and sip to your hearts content.

5.   No wine list would be complete without adding something for the connoisseur of red wines.  Be particularly careful when selecting a red wine when your in the mood for spring!  Try choosing a Pinot Noir from the Sonoma region, known for creating a light and fruitful Pinot Noir.  These Californian reds have hints of cherry and raspberry and are prefect on a cool spring afternoon.  

Happy spring, enjoy the top 5 selections of spring time wines.