How To Prepare Your Spring Flower Garden

It is officially spring despite what the weather forecast is telling us!  Now is the time to start thinking about your spring garden!  As the weather slowly warms up here in New England and the snow slowly melts away the ground is preparing itself for new plantings and seedlings.  


Spring in New England is more than a breath of fresh air, spring brings the essence of life back into the world after a long dormant winter.  The earth starts budding flowers, trees spring new green leaves, and color begins to flood our landscapes once again.  So how does one partake in this magnificent event?  The answer.  By adding some glorious color and fragrance to you own yard! 

Your Spring To Do List:


As soon as the snow melts away you can get outside in the fresh spring air and start the infamous yard clean up!  This is where you can remove any fallen leaves, tree limbs, and other debris that may be covering up your garden.  If this is your first time planting a garden, use this time to prepare and plot out where your garden is going to be.  Choose a spot with good access to sunlight and moisture.  

Once all the winter debris has been removed you can begin to clear the area with your garden rake to loosen the soil and prepare the area for the new growths.  You don’t want to wait until the new plants have begun to sprout, this may cause damage to your young plants.  For new gardens you can start clearing grass and rocks to make a garden bed for your new garden.   

If you are really eager to start planting choose hardy springtime growers that will survive in cooler nighttime temperatures.  Look for Crocus, which is known for pushing through the snow to bloom!  This flower is beautiful and will survive the cold air.  For other early spring growers try pansies or snowdrops.  

Crocus Flower


Spring has officially sprung!  It's finally starting to warm up to the point where your hands don’t freeze within a few minutes of working outside in your garden!  Now is the time to start your spring plantings.  Choosing your plants and flowers will be the hardest part of creating your beautiful garden.  You will need to consider the type of soil in your area, how much sunlight your garden spot receives verses how much shade.  Talk to your local garden professionals to help choose plants right for your garden.     

May is a good time to plant tulips, daffodils, dahlia, and Lily of the Valley.  These blooms are  bursting with colors and will thrive in the later spring months.   These taller flowers are nice to plant in the back of gardens in bunches.  Choose a lower lying bloom such as Muscari to fill in the ground in front of the taller flowers.   This will add dimension to your spring garden.  

Muscari and Tulips

Your spring garden is a reflection of your personality so have fun with it and make it yours!  Plant the blooms you enjoy gazing at, after all this is your spring time getaway! 

Come back soon to read our other Gardening tips throughout each season