What You Will Need:

12 oz (a bottle) of ice cold Larger Beer
1 cold can 7UP
2 oz Roses Grenadine Juice

Split the bottle of beer between 2 beer glasses, also split the 7UP and top off both glasses, add a dash of Roses Grenadine Juice.  Serves 2.

Mixologist Musings: 

A simple and easy-to-make summer shandy -  Beyond just taste, this cocktail is spectacular due  to its classy and beautiful appearance.  The Grenadine, being denser than both the beer and 7UP, sinks to the bottom creating a sunset in your glass.  It’s also a great two-for-one drink. If you need a beautiful drink on a hot summer afternoon for you and a friend, or if you need to pump out a party favorite poolside fast without wanting to get sloshed, then this is a sure winner.  

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