Meet Our Chef de Cuisine - Chris Viaud

Chef Chris performs and articulates the Cabonnay culture through his expressive and creative seasonal menu selections.  Chef speaks his artistic excellence through his food as he conceives each dish bringing the Cabonnay diner through a series of emotional experiences tapping into each sense and consistently challenging the palate.  

Chef Chris Viaud

His food speaks directly to the Fresh, Oasis, Bliss pillars of the Cabonnay brand.  Farm to table is the core of his seasonal menu offerings paired perfectly with worldly wines.  Chef Chris’s passion for food stems far into his youth and own personal cultural experiences.  He brings a unique perspective to the International Contemporary dining movement where he has proven his excellence under the mentorship of a Forbes top rated chef and through his experience at the one of the nations top culinary institutes, Johnson and Wales University. 

The Early Years:

Chef Chris began experimenting with food and ingredient concepts from a very young age.  He has vivid memories of sitting on the kitchen floor mashing up herbs and spices with a mortar and pestle, while his mother prepared the family very traditional Haitian cuisine.  He would assist his mother like this in the kitchen, helping to marinate meats and prepare vegetables for stews.  His childhood is peppered with images and memories learning about his culture through the art of food and cooking.  Without even realizing it he fell in love with the idea of creating art through food, bringing people together at one table through cuisine, and changing the world one taste bud at a time.

Fast forward to college and Chef Chris found himself as a Cum Laude and dean’s list graduate of the prestigious culinary school, Johnson and Wales joining the ranks of some of the best chef’s in the world.  (Emeril Lagasse,  Hilary Fisher, Tyler Florence, Sam Talbot, Chris Consentino, Adrianne Calvo,  Graham Elliot, Beau MacMillion, Kevin Sbraga, Chris Santos, Michelle Bernstein).

Professional Years:

Chef Chris has always been in the kitchen.  As a student he spent his summers training under prestigious chefs in and around Providence Rhode Island.  His first mentor and influencer is Chef Joe Melanson, Johnson and Wales Instructor and Executive Chef at the Carnegie Abbey Country Club.  Chef Joe was an avid supporter and recognized early on that Chef Chris not only possessed the skill set but also the desire to become and amazing chef.  He convinced him to head to Boston to hone in on his skills and focus on his dream to becoming a head chef.

Chef Chris left for Boston and took a position as a cook at Deuxave in the Back Bay of Boston.  He was quickly promoted to the Jr. Sous Chef under Head Chef and three time restaurant owner, Chef Chris Coombs.   At Deuxave, Chef Chris learned classic contemporary french technique and was trained in high-end dining under Coombs.   During his experience in Boston Chef Chris gained experience working in a 4 diamond AAA rated kitchen.

After his experiences at Deuxave in Boston, Chef Chris left to take a position at newly renovated and revolutionized corporate dining experience, Papa Razzi Metro.   By assuming the role of Sous Chef, Chef Chris was able to assist in the development of the kitchen from the ground up. He gained experience in the corporate kitchen environment through hiring and training the staff, high volume purchasing and helping to maintain the vision of the kitchen from the first days of conception. Italian cuisine rounded out his talents and strengthened his international contemporary cuisine portfolio.  

The Food:

The food is simplistic yet refined.  Flavors and textures of the foods all working together to create something magical, complimenting each other to create tastes and appearances that are pleasing to all your senses.  Working directly with local farms in curating seasonal produce, livestock, and ingredients brings the true identity of the items to life and showcases their natural beauty.  

By labeling the Cabonnay food as Internationally Contemporary Chef Chris is able to explore a plethora of different cooking techniques and worldly influences to bring together an eclectic menu of international flavors and ingredients for a truly unique and inspiring menu.   

Chef Chris Key Successes:

Farm to Table
Ingredient Driven
Expressive and creative technique
Organic food driven
Classically trained
Trained and mentored under a exceptional chefs
Beautiful and articulate plate design
Community and locally aware

Chef Chris Accolades:

Chef de Cuisine at Cabonnay
Invited to assist production and preparation at the James Beard House in New York
Boston Representation for the Chaine Des Rotisseurs Jeunne Chef Competition
Winner of Farm Fresh Challenge 2016
Featured Chef at the Martha’s Vineyard Wine Festival 2016