Lasting Impressions: MAN Cabernet Sauvignon

Need a decent bottle of red wine that won’t overwhelm your sensitive lunch time palate or your wallet? The MAN Cabernet Sauvignon is a polite daily drinker that delivers on fresh, wispy, tart flavors.   This old world wine with a modern twist is created from grapes plucked from 30 different farms in the Agter-Paarl wine region of South Africa.  These farmers all work together in a collaboration to produce and create an excellent product that can be tasted in the depth and beauty of this Cabernet.   These farmers take extra care in nurturing for their offspring as they comply with the strict guidelines imposed by the South African Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association.

 Scent Impressions

The MAN Cab has an abundance of red berry scents and aromas.  A basket full of freshly gathered open aired strawberries. Strawberries fresh from the farm unaware of their rarity and potential, pulled from the vines at precisely the right moment in time.  Wafting scents of jammed berries as the stove top simmers them into a perfect morning compliment. 

Taste Impressions

Sweet; calming sweetness not over extended offending caloric sugar.  Sugar in the raw.  A mimic of confection tugging at your memories of childhood.  Fruit forward with an abundance of red, lush berries saturated in their own juices.  Swimming, bobbing, waiting.  Freshness; something is airy and inviting in this wine.  A coastal breeze twirling through your tastebuds. Mountaintop air in a forest of oak trees.

Sight Impressions:

A warming red complexion.  Tinges of dark purple swirls endless avenues of crimson glows.  A city with too many alleys and structures.  Complexity.  Lasting color with sufficient capabilities to blanket your glass. 


As with most Cabernets you're safe with read meat.  Go for rich pastas or braised short ribs in rich sauces.  Eat like you mean it.