What You Will Need:

¾ Champagne

¼ Orange Juice

Crushed Ice (not too finely crushed)

Long straw

How You Make the Iced Mimosa:

Place crushed ice into a red wine glass so that the glass is half full of ice. Pour the orange juice over the ice. Gently add the Champagne over the ice until the glass is full. Stir gently

Mixologist Musings:
You may be wondering - why not just have a standard Mimosa and why bother with the ice?  Unless, it’s an event or brunch, there is nothing wrong with toning down your mimosa.   Meet the Iced Mimosa!  No champagne glass or Sunday brunch outfit needed.  This beverage stays colder longer and can be leisurely sipped; while the ice dilutes.   Enjoy one or enjoy two, the ice ensures the bubbly doesn’t go to your head too fast!

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