Goats Do Roam Rosé - An Old World Sip of Summer

Goats Do Roam

Rosé has grown exponentially in popularity in the last several years as you see this wine varietal popping up in the hands of celebrities and socialites.  The days of Rosé being your grandmothers wine are long over.  So embrace this beautiful, delicate, easy, fun, drinker Rosé. Pinkies up! 

Old world Rosé is most notable for being dry in nature while new aged Rosé tends to be sweet and fruit forward.  As this wine gains popularity winemakers out of the California region have began to create Rosé wines that resemble their older, dryer relatives of long ago.  To be classified a classic Rosé wine it must be made from only red grapes, the most common grape used is the Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre grape varietals blended with other red varietals.

The Goats Do Roam, hailing from South Africa blends Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Gamay Noir, Grenache, and Cinsault to make a pleasantly pink wine with subtle hues of deep colored roses and ocean sunsets.  The grapes are picked, left overnight in the press until they reach their exact pink color.  The Mourvèdre grapes are put through the Saignée (bleeding) process in which the grapes are pressed under their own weight.  The juice has little contact with the juice, leaving the wine a pale pink color.  The highest quality Rosé uses the bleeding process. 

The Wine Review


A faint and pleasant aroma flooded from this pink beauty.  Brisk air brushing through your car window as you slowly cruise by a cranberry bog.  Hints of fruit and nature sticking to you; yet hurrying on to their next adventure.  

Fruit forward with summer qualities.  A beachy wine with mounds of strawberries and hints of raspberries. The smell of your favorite doll as a little girl. 


A drink now wine.  Best enjoyed within a year of the day it was created.  The wines flavors felt and tasted just as you would imagine this hue of pink would.  Mild and pretty with hints of delicate fruit and a dash of spunk.   Low acid, a tingle of fizz.   Fruity yet dry, not overwhelmingly sweet.  


A popping, budding pink color like the guts of a grapefruit.  Thin and loose, unabashedly vibrant and owning it.  Hints of orange intertwined throughout, glowing like a sunset with warning.