Fresh, Oasis, Bliss

Fresh Oasis Bliss

The three pillars of Cabonnay: Fresh, Oasis, Bliss.   We encountered these three descriptive beauties as we dreamt up the vision and brand of Cabonnay.  These words helped shape and unfold the identity of what will soon be the Cabonnay Experience.   Fresh, Oasis, Bliss, describes perfectly the essence of what we do every day at Cabonnay and the experience we will bring to our guests.  These three words are at the heart of what we all do in our everyday lives, it is what we all strive for to live complete and fulfilling lives.  Fresh, Oasis, Bliss is more than a brand, a pillar, a guide, it is a perfect moment in our lives captured by three perfect words.  


Nature is the very core of the word fresh.  Nature undisturbed is the purest and most perfect form of raw fresh beauty.  Nature inspires health, well-being, purity, and awe.   Being among the greatest gift of our earth renews your mind and body and delivers a feeling of restfulness and peace.  Being among fresh flowers, freely flowing water, crisp greenery, endless fields, a calming breeze, or open mountainous air will instantly relax your mind, evoke your senses, and saturate your body in a sense of calm.  By delivering these elements in a unexpected setting, a common everyday experience of dining will be transformed into a sensory experience whisking guests out of their element and delivering serenity.  

Fresh is free of impurities, rested, and new.  Fresh is filling our bodies with food free of pesticides, herbicides, and harmful ingredients.  Fresh is foods that are prepared with care, caution and heal us from the inside out.  Fresh is the doing what benefits our community and invigorates our guests with a sense of youth and complete health. 


In today’s world it is so easy to be engulfed by the chaos of our everyday lives.  It is easy to get bogged down in the expectations, deadlines, unwritten rules, and satires of the world we live in.  To find your oasis, a peaceful and pleasant moment while the world continues to swirl and evolve all around you, is to find your perfect moment.  To create an oasis within the boundaries and structure of our society you must provide people with a perfect moment, an awe struck glimpse into perfectionism, a lapse of time that pretends to cure and rid the world of its imperfections.  Recreate a sunset, evoke laughter, scents and smells of past pleasantries, flawless rhythms of music, to give our guests that moment, the moment where they let go and say, “yes”.   


Bliss is a promise being made too often in our lives, but true bliss can’t be given out, only encouraged.  To experience true blissfulness it must come from within your heart and soul.  To discover your personal bliss you must discover what makes your heart happy.  Our environment, surroundings, relationships, and health contribute to our quest for bliss. Situational bliss provokes a moment of happiness in our lives, strung together these moments become our way of life.  Feed your senses and you will feed your soul.  Stop time for a moment to enjoy good food, amazing wine, a sensory getaway, pleasant experiences, warm fires, beautiful displays of nature, thought provoking art, deep conversation, memorable gatherings, inspiring music, visual paradise, sights and smells of beauty.  

Experience Fresh, Oasis, Bliss at Cabonnay.  Coming This Fall.