What You Will Need:

½ Guinness

½ Champagne or similar sparkling wine product

Lemon peel for decoration

How To Make The Exotic Black Velvet:

Pour the Guinness into a red wine glass and carefully add the champagne to the glass. Leave room in the glass for foaming/frothing of the mixture, especially if you pour faster or use a heavy-sparkled wine.  Use the lemon peel to garnish.

Mixologist Musings: 

You can finely grate lemon onto the froth of the drink but don’t overdo it or create a choking hazard!! The ideal garnish is a long lemon peel turned and twisted to float on top. If the peel is too thick and heavy, it may sink and the effect is lost;  try hooking or partially suspending the lemon on to the glass rim. Using an extra dry champagne brings out the beer tone of the drink. Using a sweeter sparkling wine combats the beer tones. You can easily make this drink with ½ Guinness and ½ Moscato D’Asti which results in sweeter less frothy drink.

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