Cabonnay in Bermuda – 3 Food and Wine Moments

On a recent trip to Bermuda, Cabonnay jotted down some notes on our food and wine experience to share with our fans, we hope you find it useful and enjoyable! 

Champagne and Iced Tea

1) Champagne and Iced Tea 

The air is hot and humid, the glass sweats, but it couldn’t be lovelier. We enjoyed that the Champagne wasn’t served in a traditional long stem fluted glass, but more in a mid-sized tulip-shaped glass that can double as port glass or desert wine – clever and elegant. 

Cabonnay Tip: When you serve champagne in this type of glass you pour the glass all the way full, port and sherry is poured no more than two-thirds full.

Pasta with Egg

2) Lunch Pasta with Egg 

We loved this egg presentation, warmed, thrown back into the shell as if nothing was cooked… this dish was simple and deliciously decadent. It proved to us once again that quality, flavor, presentation, innovation, creativity and just plain have-some-fun always trumps massive portions with no intrigue.  

Cabonnay Tip: Next time you serve a home pasta meal – squeeze or smear a sauce or garnish out on the side of your plate just for artistic effect and see what your guests say. We’re betting they pay more attention to the food and how it tastes.

Wine Selection

3) Wine Shopping while traveling overseas 

In this grocery store wine aisle, there are all the usual suspects Bobby Mondavi, Yellow Tail etc. We went for the 2012 Zonnebloem Chardonnay, and why? It’s a little different, South African from the noted wine region of Stellenbosch.  We wanted to drink chilled wine while outside in the heat, it was the same price as Woodbridge, and it came with a screw-top! Yes, don’t judge – let’s be clear on the Cabonnay opinion on this: while not as classy in some circles as a real cork, wine is well preserved with a screw top, especially wines that are not meant to be kept for years tilted correctly in a temperature controlled cellar.

Cabonnay Tip:  If you just don’t like screw top wines, don’t forget to pack a small wine opener for your next trip (remember checked luggage only – not a carry-on item) This particular grocery store was sold out of openers and we didn’t want to run around the island wasting time hunting for one when we could be on our balcony, blissfully basking in the sun, sipping chardonnay, welcoming the sunset.