Checking In With Rocco and Reese: Where Are They?

Rocco and Reese are sweethearts and are integrated into our daily lives.  Rarely are we truly worried about them. While we are always aware of them and always track their whereabouts, they do occasionally, (once or twice a year) provide us with a complete “Where are they?” panic attack!  This is how it happens: 

Both dogs normally come when called, if that doesn’t work, we just open the refrigerator and say, “treat” which usually has Rocco flying into the kitchen and Reese casually trotting in after him as if she’s saying, “no need to run, I know they’ll wait for me.”  If you call them and it doesn’t work, they either are not hungry,  or most likely getting attention and enjoying the company of another member of the family.  They tend to weigh the situation and wonder if it’s worth getting off someone’s lap to actually get a treat when they are fine for now…    they are cunning!

However, when all these options are accounted for and we cannot find them and they do not come, we stress. Big time! It’s like and alarm bell that says: Alert! Alert! Alert! Pups Missing! Potential Tragedy! This feeling usually results in every family member and friend being dispatched to start the search for them; how can they be gone they were just here minutes ago…   …it’s irrational, but we just never want to take a chance. It’s similar to handling your phone or wallet, you had it 3 minutes ago, and now it’s gone – in the meantime it’s sitting next to the chair on the table by your coffee cup…    Likewise, we inevitably find Rocco and Reese in short time, in perfect condition, and it’s a moment where they have just decided: “not today – we’re tired, couldn’t be bothered, let us be.”

Here is picture of them doing just that – we called and called and searched the house and found the two of them passed out flat, camouflaged, snuggled on their bed, under the blankets and in a heavenly sleep. We actually walked by their beds twice and couldn’t see them nor did they lift their heads or hint at our presence – off course, once we saw them, we felt calm and smiled and reaffirmed that it truly is a dog’s life that’s the best.

Rocco and Reese Hiding