Pick Me Up

What You Will Need:

½ Red Bull
½ White Wine

Split a can of cold Red Bull between 2 wine glasses, add equal amount of white wine to both glasses. Serves 2.

Mixologist Musings: 

This is a very easy but nonetheless interesting drink. We used Chardonnay which generally isn’t sweet, but the Red Bull has a distinct semi-sweet flavor that basically infuses the wine and adds fizz. Red Bull is also an energy drink, while wine is off course meant to relax you – it’s a bit contrasting in dynamics, but you can see where the name comes from: Relaxed enough to enjoy yourself, but alert enough not to fall asleep. So, if someone gives you tickets to the Lyric Opera and it’s your first time appreciating Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, you’ll make it through the whole opera and not just past the spectacular O Fortuna introduction.   

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