The Cabonnay Art Gallery

The Cabonnay Urban Wine House ART GALLERY showcases art across all media platforms.  Our art journeys guides you through a sensory experience as you are captivated through wall art, paintings, sculpture, projection, fashion, and beyond.  Our three level oasis experience is set among the cityscape is a perfect opportunity to dine around the arts.  

Art will be on a continual rotation throughout our galleries and Artist's work will showcased throughout the Cabonnay experience.   Check our events calendar for art exhibits, gallery showings, and artist features here: CURRENT ART EVENTS

Cabonnay also houses a permanent indoor art collection throughout the Cabonnay Urban Wine House. This art is not for sale, but we plan for creative, thoughtful pieces that will enhance ensure to enhance your dining, wining, and overall sensory Cabonnay experience. 

For more information on how to become a Cabonnay featured Artist read our Cabonnay Art Gallery Program 






Inspired by the zen symbol that represents a moment in time when the mind is free to let the body create; the open circle allowing for the advancement and perfection of all things. I find myself drawn to the symbol, and recognized it within the Cabonnay logo, which inspired me to ultimately title the exhibit. I feel a connection and relevance to the diversity of work showcased. the various pieces are collectively representative of my own freedom to create with an open and free mind.
— Brian Cartier



"Brian Cartier is a New England based Visual Artist working in many different mediums, small and large scale. The breadth of his work ranges from hand painted custom sneakers, to canvas, mixed media, murals and more. Cartier has an international client base and has been featured in venues all over New England and down the east coast. He has also worked in mentoring roles with youth and has spoken before groups of adults and children. Brian is constantly seeking to expand his reach as well as the range of his expression as he continues to challenge himself creatively."

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