The Cabonnay Art Gallery Program is designed to offer select artists an opportunity to have their work displayed and sold through Cabonnay. We market your art and expose you to our audience, clientele and guests. There are multiple display opportunities and in our three story building, both indoors and out - we have a creative space for you:

 What are we looking for?

Thought provoking art. We respond well to artists who have a unique perspective, technique, voice, vision, style, story, composition, materials, or medium use. We look for emotion and thought and to be moved – positively or negatively, soothing or shocking. Cabonnay is about giving a space for your voice – we look forward to hearing from you.  Artist work is only shown by invitation after successful completion of online prescreening process and only with a mutually signed and executed Cabonnay Art Gallery Artist Exhibitor Agreement. We love new media and urban centric art or art that challenges the norm. No coastal scenes and light houses, apples on a table, or dogs playing poker.

  • All work must be original and one-of-kind. No reprints, limited editions, reproductions or minimum print runs.
  • Artist agrees that artist holds full title and ownership of artwork available for display and sale
  • All work must be the result of the artist’s sole effort/artistry - no group work is accepted.
  • All approved art must be signed by artist.
  • Cabonnay typically does not represent or sell art with a commercial value lower than $500


Cabonnay Art Gallery - Artist Exhibitor Program Contact Us

Any artists interested in displaying work with us to be sold either in the main gallery or outside, or both, can contact our marketing and media department by filling out the form below. Please provide us with a detailed answers to your inquiry - we read and review all information provided. The more we know about you as an artist, the easier it is for us to curate your work and qualifications. We look forward to hearing from you – we understand art so please do not be shy in contacting us. We are eager to meet and work with interesting and unique artists. All art is sold on a commission basis.


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